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    16 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

    Chrissy Teigen discovered her rap name, Bette Midler built a bunker, and more!

    1. Sabrina Carpenter asked an important question.

    do u think rihanna knows how impressive her face is

    2. Kendall Jenner debunked some rumors.

    3. Conan O'Brien made us laugh and then cry.

    Just think, we’ll be able to tell our grandchildren, “I remember the day President Trump tweeted the nuclear launch codes.”

    4. John Mayer went on a teen mag investigation.

    Can anyone confirm that I'm the oldest person mentioned by/in Tiger Beat? (39.) Has there been older? I gotta know.

    5. Chrissy Teigen discovered her rap name.

    6. Kim K wished Kylie Jenner a happy birthday.

    You are always so determined & so set on what you want in life & starting at such a young age you always went for it.

    7. Skylar Astin and Anna Camp continued to make us ugly cry.

    11 months and counting... #soulmate 🌹

    8. Issa Rae got trapped.

    I've been thirst trapped and I simply cannot escape.

    9. Zach Braff had some important GOT concerns.

    If the world ends before Dany and Jon Snow bang I'm gonna be so pissed.

    10. Jaden Smith fell in love with the Biebs.

    11. Anna Kendrick made a new friend.

    Direct sunlight: that helpful friend who points out all the spots you missed shaving

    12. Paris Hilton had a message for her ~haters~.

    Person: hey I don't like you but here's my opinion on something you posted on your page and why I don't like it. M…

    13. Ryan Reynolds hung out with Josh Brolin.

    Josh Brolin and I love to just hang out and chat between takes. He calls me his lil' Shake Weight™.

    14. Bette Midler built a bunker.

    Sorry for being so quiet last couple of days; we've been busy building our bunker. Armageddon outta here!!!

    15. Joe Jonas made some new friends.

    16. And Reese Witherspoon got a workout in.

    Overheard at the beach. #ThatsAYesFromMe 😂😂😂

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