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    11 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

    Jaden Smith shared a selfie rule, Troye Sivan had some feelings about A Quiet Place, and more!

    1. Chrissy Teigen revealed a business idea.

    2. Busy Philipps wanted to party.

    I don't understand why I'm not invited to the Met Ball. I fucking LOVE a fancy dress and a party and raising money for good things!

    3. Blake Shelton spilled some tea.

    Been taking the high road for a long time.. I almost gave up. But I can finally see something on the horizon up there!! Wait!! Could it be?! Yep!! It’s karma!!

    4. Jimmy Fallon revealed his dream superpower.

    My superpower would be to inflate or deflate every Cheeto I grab from the bag, depending on whether I want it puffy or crunchy. #MySuperpower

    5. Zach Braff had some questions.

    6. Ryan Seacrest shared a Miss Congeniality tribute.

    The #perfectdate day is probably real for most places except nyc. Because it’s still a little cold and you’ll need an umbrella and galoshes today.

    7. Kris Jenner set the record straight.

    8. Troye Sivan was shook.

    A Quiet Place just wrecked my whole life i wanna YELL

    9. Leslie Jones slayed the Time 100 gala.

    So did I pull it off or what?? “Pull up to the Bumper” bitches!! #gracejonesismyidol #Time100Gala @CSiriano custom!

    10. John Krasinski invited Ben Platt into his marriage.

    11. And Jaden Smith shared an important rule.

    Do Not Ask Me For A Picture Unless Your Camera Is Ready And On Selfie Mode.