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    15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

    Reese Witherspoon had breakfast at Tiffany's, John Legend celebrated Chrissy Teigen's birthday, and more!

    1. John Legend celebrated Chrissy Teigen's birthday:

    2. Ben Schwartz went to the mall:

    Every time I went to the bathroom in the mall today a @JohnMayer song was playing. Now I’m afraid I won’t be able t…

    3. T-Pain set the record straight:

    I don’t wanna throw another wrench in your childhood but also it’s “Everybody hands go UP......... and they stay th…

    4. Sterling K. Brown was down for a West Wing reboot:

    5. Dua Lipa shared some new rules:

    6. James Corden applauded Harry Styles' style:

    7. Kelly Clarkson's daughter got a surprise from Wonder Woman:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH @gal_gadot for the awesome presents for River!! She LOVES them! You’ve made a little girl very ha…

    8. Usher hung out with Diddy:

    9. Mandy Moore shared some heartbreaking This Is Us images:

    10. Julia Louis-Dreyfus found herself on Jeopardy:

    This happened tonight on @jeopardy. Who is me? #Jeopardy

    11. Anna Paquin's kids were a fan of elevators:

    I just don't have the heart to tell my kids the dress up costume they have is for a character called #DarthVader not "dark elevator" 😜

    12. Lili Reinhart maybe, possibly found Cole Sprouse's lingerie:

    13. Paris Hilton honored The Holy Trinity:

    11 years anniversary today since the first coming of The Holy Trinity!

    14. Bette Midler drank a lot of water:

    Just reached 91% of my daily goal in #WaterMinder

    15. And Reese Witherspoon went back to her roots at Tiffany's:

    Today I had breakfast at one of my favorite places, @TiffanyAndCo! It was truly a dream come true, and brought back…

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