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14 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

Neil Patrick Harris freaked out over Star Wars, Zach Braff discovered his rap name, and more!

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1. Lorde reprimanded herself.

just chastised self under breath for not remembering the salem witch trials year off the top of my head

2. Zach Braff discovered his rap name.

3. Gabby Sidibe met a fan.

Lyft Driver: “I know you! You’re the lady with the cat! He was upset... How’s he doin?” It’s so nice to be recognized for my work.

4. Skylar Astin and Anna Camp made us all weep.


5. Ellen DeGeneres loved on Eminem.

6. Lili Reinhart was feelin' some Blossom vibes.

Him: "If you're going to be dramatic, just leave." Me: #riverdale

7. Zac Efron wished Hugh Jackman a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday big brother @RealHughJackman!

8. John Mayer shared an important message.

Reminder: nobody cares what you think about how somebody feels.


9. Neil Patrick Harris freaked out over Star Wars.

I just watched the #lastjedi trailer and now I just, you know, really want to be in a Star Wars movie. I feel like a kid again. So stoked.

10. Joe Jonas was clever.

Sup girl, you today's DATE because you're 10/10

11. Conan O'Brien did some binge-watching.

Trying to binge-watch all of the Geico commercials. I’m up to season 117.

12. Mitchel Musso had a cute date.

13. Josh Gad made a new animated friend.

14. And Lin-Manuel Miranda gave us all a lil encouragement.

Good morning. I believe in you. Not always in our leaders, not always in the subway schedules, but always in you. You, unwavering.