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Ariana Grande's Brilliant Ballet Skills Will Blow Your Mind

Ari is on point en pointe. Get it??

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Ariana Grande and Chris Brown finally debuted the music video for their new collab "Don't Be Gone Too Long" — featuring Ariana as a medieval ballerina princess.

The duo teased us seven months ago with this magical dance moment, which had us majorly anticipating prima ballerina Ariana.

And this weekend we learned that Ari has some m-a-j-o-r dance skills.

She's so perfect en pointe that she looks like one of those little figurines inside a music box:

RCA Records


I mean seriously, PERFECT:

RCA Records

She can do a beautiful arabesque en pointe situation which is so pretty that it's almost unreal:

RCA Records


She's as flexible as the best of them:

RCA Records

Killer split, Ari.

And she has a way of making ballet look seriously ~sassy~:

RCA Records

I don't recommend trying this one out at the club.

So basically The Royal Ballet should cast her in their next show immediately because girlfriend is TALENTED.

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