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19 Secrets All Late-Night Eaters Won't Tell You


1. You've snuck food from the fridge in the middle of the night. A lot.


2. In fact, you've gotten really, REALLY good at getting food from the kitchen while making as little noise as possible.


3. And you certainly know better than to try and sneak a bowl of cereal.


Cereal being poured into a bowl is literally the loudest sound on earth at 4 am.

4. You have definitely raced through the kitchen to stop your microwave with one second left on the timer.


When someone invents a microwave that doesn't beep, you'll be the first to buy it.

5. NOTHING is better than getting your food order in just before the delivery place closes:

6. But just in case, you know exactly where every 24-hour drive-thru in the area is.


ESPECIALLY the ones that serve breakfast after midnight.

7. Deciding between making yourself a snack or just trying to get back to sleep is a nightly struggle.


8. When you eat dinner at 6 pm, you know for a fact that it won't be your last meal of your day.


Brushing your teeth will not stop you from eating later.

9. You have been woken up by a rumbling belly.

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10. You plan your weekends around getting home before all the pizza places close.


11. You've definitely left something in the microwave or oven overnight because you fell asleep before eating it.


12. When someone asks where all the leftover pizza went... you already know.


13. You are always sweeping crumbs off of your bed.

14. Nothing makes you feel safer or more at home than an all-night diner.


They soothe your poor, drunk soul.

15. You are pretty much done with people who insist on telling you that it's bad for you to eat late.


I don't think this 1 am fruit salad is going to kill me, thanks.

16. When someone suggests leaving a party early to go get pizza, you are in love.


17. Your nightmare is getting a craving for a food you can't get at 2 am.


All I want is round-the-clock sushi, is that so hard?

18. You plan your fridge raids as carefully as you would a bank robbery.


Stealth is key.

19. You don't bring home leftovers. You bring home midnight snacks.

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