What Your IKEA Furniture Says About You

Look, the “getting furniture” part of adulthood is hard, OK?

1. EXPEDIT SHELVING: You are really, really hoping that someone will ask about your books.

2. MALM Bed: You’re space conscientious, yet love to hit your shins on things.

3. LACK coffee table: You’re idealistic enough to believe that a lower shelf is the key to keeping your tabletop clear.

This table will most definitely not turn into a large books ‘n’ dishes shelf in the middle of your living room. Nope.

4. MALM 6-drawer dresser: You just moved in with your significant other, and you don’t realize that your relationship is about to end over the assembly of this thing.


5. MALM nightstand: Someone made fun of you for not having a nightstand.

6. SOLSTA PÄLLBO footstool: You love throwing dinner parties. So you bought 11 of these, and use them as chairs.

7. SKUBB boxes: You’re all about colorful, playful organizational containers that you will never remember to put your jewelry in.

8. HEMNES BED: You’re a theatre major and you need to trick people into thinking that you have a business degree.

9. EIVOR ORD duvet set: You want your date to know you’re a writer without having to show them anything you’ve written.

10. IVAR Cabinet: You went through a little Ron Swanson, phase, OK? Whatever, you don’t want to talk about it.

11. STRANNE lamp: You’re a free-spirited artist who will procrastinate until all but two of these bulbs are out before you replace any of them.

12. LACK side table: You want your house to be the party house, and you don’t know what happens to particle board when cold beers are left on it.

13. KARLSTAD sofa: You’ve never furnished a room, and you’re pretty sure that all six of your housemates can sit on this comfortably, right?

14. BENNO DVD/CD tower: You’re a time traveler from 1997.

15. BESTÅ TV Stand: You will do anything to get your TV off the floor, and you know your roommate will pay you back for her share of this just as soon as that job at Starbucks comes through.

16. SALMI glass table: You probably don’t own any Windex, do you?

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