What It’s Like Inside The Mind Of An Anxious Person

If I look like I’m keeping it together, it’s because I’m an amazing actor.

1. On the outside: When your boss wants to have “a quick word” with you.

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3. On the outside: When you hear about someone’s success, and realize that they are much, much younger than you.

5. On the outside: When you’re at a party and you don’t know anyone.

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7. On the outside: When you say something that you know immediately was stupid.

8. On the inside:

Paramount Pictures / Via giphy.com

9. On the outside: When you’re home alone, and you hear a strange noise.

AMC TV / Via giphy.com

11. On the outside: When you’re on a job interview, a first date, or anything else where you have to seem awesome and impressive.

Paramount Pictures / Via wifflegif.com

12. On the inside:

20th Century Fox / Via giphy.com

13. On the outside: When someone is in a bad mood, and snaps at you.

15. On the outside: When you see a passive aggressive tweet and can’t figure out if it’s about you.


16. On the inside:

Columbia pictures

17. On the outside: When there’s a problem that you can’t do anything about.

19. On the outside: When you have to go home for any sort of holiday or family gathering.

PBS / Via giphy.com

20. On the inside:

Warner Brothers

21. On the outside: When someone is taking an unusually long time to answer a text message.

23. On the outside: When some random thing on your body suddenly hurts, and you have no idea why.

Marvel / Via giphy.com

25. On the outside: When everything feels like it’s just been going a little bit too well, lately.

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