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    The One Strange Thing You've Never Noticed About These Fast Food Mascots

    The Burger Family has some explaining to do. (H/t this reddit thread)

    This is The Burger Family:


    This is Grandpa Burger, Papa Burger, Mama Burger, Teen Burger, and Baby Burger. They all have burgers named for them on the menu.

    They are the mascots of the Canadian version of the A&W fast food chain.

    Flickr: Adam Fagen / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: afagen

    (They were originally also the mascots of the American version of A&W, as well.)

    Every member of The Burger Family basically looks the same...

    A&W / Via

    ...Except that teen burger has a suspiciously different nose from everyone else in the family.

    A&W / Via

    Which may seem like an accident, EXCEPT:

    This is Uncle Burger. Notice anything interesting about Uncle Burger?

    A&W / Via

    He has the SAME NOSE as Teen Burger. Was Mama Burger cheating on Papa Burger with Uncle Burger?

    FURTHERMORE: Even if we accept that normal genetics apply here, and Mama and Uncle are siblings, and Teen got his nose from their side of the family...

    Then why do Mama and Papa both look like they have the same genetics as Grandpa?!

    Are Mama and Papa the ones who are siblings?!


    A&W / Via

    Either way: excellent trolling, burger mascot designers.


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