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We Got Great Power Suits For Our Bodies And It Helped Us Feel A Little More Hope

Get your boss on!

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Lately, the women of Ladylike have been wanting to feel more powerful -- something increasingly difficult in a time when it's hard not to feel a little helpless. So we thought a small (but significant) way to reclaim some of our boss bitch power was to get fitted for some kick-ass suits:

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Before we went shopping, we had our current suits looks -- or lack thereof -- evaluated by Tony and Leon from Sharpe Suiting.


Their two big tips for everybody looking for a suit:

1. The most important places where you want to make sure your suit fits is around the shoulders and around the seat (of your pants).

2. Make sure the color is something you feel fierce in, as a great cut doesn't matter if you're feeling awk in chartreuse or something.


First up was Freddie, who, before her suit makeover, had a black and white checkered suit that made her feel like Olivia Pope, but that she couldn't really move around in.

Tony's suit makeover recommendation for Freddie: Ditch the skirt, and find a pair of skinny pants (with stretch) that will compliment the jacket so that she can move around more.

And here's Freddie after:

Fred's feelings, post suit makeover: I wore my pant suit to work, I had two really really big shoots that day, and I felt amazing. I definitely feel like there was a boost in my confidence. It was something that really catapulted me into making sure I felt powerful, making sure that I felt good and not losing hope."

Pre suit makeover, Saf only had a jacket, which she didn't really know what to do with:

Leon's suit makeover recommendation: Because Saf is a tall lady, Leon recommended that she find some pants (in a matching fabric) with a straight leg and a high waistband to hug her curves.

And here's Saf after:

Saf's feelings, post suit makeover: Being not at an office in a suit gives you that air that you were just at an office, it makes you look like, "Oh, I was just somewhere very important. It was almost like a peek into a different world, like if I'd taken a different route.


Devin started out with only a three-quarters length jacket, but she wanted to find some pieces better ~suited~ to being a long-limbed person.

Leon's suiting recommendation for Devin: Ditch the three-quarters length jacket, and find a jacket where its shoulders end at the same point where Devin's do.

Here's Devin after:

Dev's feelings, post suit makeover: I wore mine to go see a friend in a show, and I got a couple nods of approval. There's something super calming about being in a suit. It made me stand up a little straighter. It's like... this is who I am, and you have to take me seriously.

Kristin started out with literally ZERO suiting pieces, so her suit "makeover" had to be completely from scratch:

Tony's recommendations for Kristin: Find a shorter cut jacket that is fitted at the waist, and flows over her middle, and that will emphasize her top half.

And here's Kristin after:

Kristin's feelings, post suit makeover: I wore this to my engagement shoot with my fiancé Brian, and originally I was going to bring another outfit to change into, but I ended up just going with it. It felt really cool and fresh and different -- plus you could see my boobs, which Brian liked.

Honestly, we just felt better in our suits -- and getting sleek, powerful clothes for our bodies ended up being a self-care thing we didn't even realize we wanted (and needed).


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