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    We Tried Sheet Masks For Your Boobs And They Are At Least Moisturizing

    "I'm so covered in glitter, I feel like a vampire from 2010."

    So, many companies have started making those same sheet masks you put on your face... but for your boobs. These masks promise to not only moisturize and plump, but to give your boobs more "lift." Naturally, the women of Ladylike were skeptical, but thought they'd see what these masks were about:

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    Kristin was given some "golden" breast masks:


    "Only the most luxurious rib eyes for my boobs!"

    You can buy a pack of 6 for $15 on Amazon.

    Because Kristin's bra size is 40 DD, she had to use two masks for each boob, and ended up feeling very slimy.

    She also found that the masks had a tough time staying stuck to her under-boob.

    Chantel, who has a bra size of 34 D, had a mask with three steps: exfoliating, the gel mask, and a plumping cream.


    You can buy one three-step kit for $6 on Amazon.

    Chantel noticed that her mask "felt cool, like a cooling gel" on her boobs.

    And as opposed to Kristin, Chantel also found that her masks were sticking "quite nicely."

    Safiya, who has a bra size of 32 B, noted that her mask smelled like "a very nice Jasmine tea."


    These masks are normally available at Beautybi, but are currently sold out.

    Saf's mask came with A LOT of excess liquid:

    And was nooooot prepared for how cold the masks were gonna be:

    The masks needed to stay on for about 20 minutes, after which both Safiya and Kristin felt... sticky.

    But all of us, especially Chantel (who has some dry boob skin) were actually feeling pretty ~hydrated~.

    And Kristin's hands and boobs were covered in shiny gold stuff for the rest of the day.

    While these masks didn't really help plump or lift our boobs, we definitely at least felt moisturized -- Chantel's boobs (the "Marcias") especially, LOL.