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    This Japanese Student Is Better At Vandalizing His Textbooks Than You'll Ever Be

    Just give up now, disaffected youths. H/t to Toyko Desu.

    Most textbook doodlers are content to simply draw penises all day. Not Chanta, a Japanese high school student. He sees the hidden potential in his textbook illustrations.

    1. This isn't a happy family sharing a meal...'s a family that has totally had it with each other's crap.

    2. Sam is only in this for the boobs.


    Really, Sam? Really?

    3. This isn't a geisha. It's SPEED GEISHA.


    Go Speed Geisha, go!

    4. This man's princess is constantly in another castle.

    5. This is the correct way to use a vacuum.

    6. This isn't a server coming to take an order...'s a server who hasn't bothered to come back to the table for like, 20 minutes.

    7. This isn't three friends lunching...'s two friends dealing with an asshole who won't stop talking with his mouth full.

    8. This is just how objects react around George Lucas.

    Via Twitter: @___ayatakaoisii

    Or Kurosawa is really a Jedi.

    9. This guy in the hoodie is just a goddamned friend collector.


    STOP TRYING TO CATCH 'EM ALL, KEVIN. We're people, not Pokémon.

    10. This is a teacher who is about to get fired.

    11. This is a girl who is really nailing this bullying thing.

    12. This is every Olympic swimmer's nightmare.

    13. This is what everyone is afraid of seeing before they die.

    Via Twitter: @___ayatakaoisii

    Especially if you left The Ring in the DVD player.

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