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    This Is How Batman Would Look As A Mayan Vampire Bat God

    It's somehow ever scarier than ACTUAL Batman. (h/t Bored Panda)

    In honor of Batman's 75th birthday, thirty artists were given plain, white busts of Batman, and told to do whatever they wished with them.

    Kimbal / Via

    The busts were given out by Warner Home Entertainment Mexico and the Mexican Museum of Design.

    Mexican artist Kimbal decided to get inspiration from the Mayan vampire bat god, Camazotz...

    Kimbal /

    ...whose name actually translates to "death bat" in the K'iche' language...

    kimbal / Via

    ...and used it to create this terrifyingly beautiful version of Batman.

    kimbal / Via

    Camazotz was a Mayan god of darkness and death, which is pretty much perfect.

    kimbal / Via

    You can now file this under "things that you will see right before you die and/or pee your pants."

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