19 Things You Didn't Know About Scrooge McDuck

    There's a good reason why Scrooge is so stingy.

    1. Scrooge McDuck made his first appearance in a Donald Duck comic in 1947. It was originally supposed to be his only appearance.

    2. Scrooge is Donald Duck's maternal uncle; his sister Hortense is Donald's mother.

    3. No one knows exactly how much money Scrooge has.

    4. In 2012, The Billfold used the average height of a duck in order to calculate how much money is in Scrooge McDuck's money bin, and came up with $31.2 billion.

    5. Scrooge experimented with several different money bins before settling on his iconic one.

    6. Scrooge was friends with Teddy Roosevelt.

    7. Scrooge's first job as a boy in Glasgow was shining shoes.

    8. However, his first customer tricked him, and paid him with an American dime...

    9. ...which was all a part of a secret plan by Scrooge's father to teach Scrooge that life is full of people who will cheat him.

    This is why Scrooge has some trust issues about money.

    10. Scrooge was one of the passengers on the Titanic.

    11. Scrooge earned his first piece of gold by prospecting in the Klondike.

    12. Glittering Goldie, one of Scrooge's great loves, once drugged him to steal from him.

    But in later stories, they make up.

    13. The current voice of Scrooge, Alan Young, also played Wilbur on Mr. Ed.

    14. Scrooge's favorite ice cream flavor is sea salt.

    15. In an earlier comic, Scrooge hired a mob to chase some African natives off their land... so that he could establish a rubber plantation.

    16. Scrooge eats eggs... and calls them "hen fruit."

    17. Scrooge once rode two Caribou bucks at the same time.

    18. Scrooge was added to the city of Glasgow's official "Famous Glaswegians" list, one of only three fictional characters to do so.

    19. After his first gold nugget was stolen, Scrooge beat up an entire saloon in retaliation...

    ...which was a timelessly badass move, if there ever was one.