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    18 Things That Happen When You Move A Lot

    The question "Where are you from?" is the bane of your existence.

    1. When signing up for something, you always roll your eyes at the security question that asks you "What street did you grow up on?"


    On the upside, potential identity thieves will have a harder time figuring it out.

    2. Wherever you go, you already know which grocery stores you're going to be shopping at.

    3. You sometimes have trouble remembering where half of your Facebook friends are from.

    Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @JoleenB3

    4. You always keep your moving boxes after you're done with them, because that's just smart.


    5. When people ask you where you're from, it takes you a second to pick a place.


    It's just easier to say the city where you graduated from high school.

    6. You like a really unusual assortment of sports teams.

    7. Your address is almost never right on your driver's license.

    Or you're always at the DMV, getting it changed (or getting a new one entirely).

    8. You've accidentally written your old address or phone number on something at least once.

    Brian A Jackson/

    The best is when you write down addresses that are combinations of past addresses.

    9. The idea of packing up your whole life and moving to a new place is no big deal to you.


    10. When you go back to a city to visit, you're also excited to visit that city's fast food chains.

    You also sort of love layovers in random cities for the same reason.

    11. You know the traffic laws across several different states.


    No turning right on red tickets for you!

    12. You've gotten super good at packing everything you really need quickly.

    Disney / Via

    And if you're like me, you do this by just leaving furniture and books and stuff all over the country.

    13. You've learned how to make friends quickly.

    Warner Brothers / Via

    Usually by getting them to laugh.

    14. You pick up new slang words from wherever you live.

    Flickr: 15991991@N00

    "Y'all" is just efficient.

    15. You've done more than your fair share of orientations.


    You are waaay over orientations.

    16. You can do a bunch of regional accents like a pro.


    If you've had a few beers, you turn into a one person show.

    17. You closet is overflowing with clothes for all sorts of different climates.


    People may insist that you Goodwill half of that stuff, but you know better.

    18. But at least you've lived in enough places that wherever you go, you've got a posse there ready to hang.


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