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22 Problems All People Who Suck At Flirting Will Understand

Why flirt when you can just seduce someone with your awkwardness?

1. When you try to wink and your face looks like it's broken:

2. When you're drunk and you think you're dancing pretty sexily:

3. When someone is flirting with you, and you need to come up with a witty comeback:

4. When someone attractive flirts with you and you are totally not getting it:

5. When you try to use body language to show that you are interested:

6. When your crush says something even a little bit funny to you:

7. When you're at a bar or a party, and it's too loud and you're too drunk to be subtle:

8. When you are not-so-subtly attempting to get someone's last name for Facebook stalking:

9. When you try to make yourself seem sophisticated:

10. When you try to smile at someone so that they think you're a happy and fun person:

11. When you are trying to make someone think that you are intelligent:

12. When you're trying to make eyes at someone from across the room, and you accidentally give them nightmares:

13. When you try to giggle all sexy and you sound like a demented horse:

14. When you try to text your crush and then they try to lose your number:

15. When you try to say something funny and it comes out sounding creepy:

16. When you're waiting for your date to show up, and you're trying to play it cool:

17. When you spend hours stalking your crush on Facebook or Twitter in order to find something to talk to them about:

18. When you're sexting with someone and it's about to get hot and heavy:

19. When you get all dressed up so you can hit the town:

20. When you try too hard to make yourself seem really attractive on Tinder:

21. When you're walking by someone hot, and you're trying to act like it ain't no thang:

22. When you meet someone as awkward as you, and all your moves finally work: