21 Things Only Best Friends Understand

    Pizza? Pizza.

    1. When the two of you see someone acting crazy, and you give each other a knowing look:

    2. When you're trying to get your BFF to flirt with someone but they're too shy:

    3. When you're both super drunk together:

    4. When you're making plans with your BFF on Friday night:

    5. Neither of you are ever on time when you make plans, because you both know that there will be no judgement.

    6. When suddenly you realize your BFF is way drunker than you:

    7. Your best friend's crush is sacred and cannot be touched by others.

    8. But you still get to tease them for it when no one is around.

    9. When your BFF makes you go to a thing where you don't know anyone:

    10. When you go along with each other's lies without having to say anything to each other:

    11. It's entirely acceptable to show your love with food.

    When your best friend gets you food gift cards to your favorite places you know it's real @emnoles

    12. There are only two acceptable ways to cheer on your BFF: Loudly and excitedly.

    13. When you get to watch your BFF put some haters in their place, and it is a thing of beauty.

    When your best friend tells off someone for messing with you and your just in the background like

    14. When you make up after a dumb fight:

    15. When your BFF has to cancel plans with you at the very last minute:

    16. When the two of you tell a joke that makes other people laugh, and together you feel like an unstoppable killing machine:

    17. When someone makes your BFF mad... even if it's actually your BFF's fault.

    18. It's hard not to get jealous of your BFF's other friends.

    when people call my best friend their best friend

    19. When your BFF accomplishes something amazing:

    20. When your BFF is trying to get you to stop obsessing over your ex:

    21. When someone asks you or your BFF about your goals in life: