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    Posted on Feb 4, 2015

    46 Things No One In L.A. Has Ever Said

    "Let's go to Taco Bell!"

    Flickr: Ryan Vaarsi / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 77799978@N00

    1. I would never Instagram a sunset.

    2. I hate tacos.

    3. I'm hoping to become a career assistant.

    4. Can you make sure this has gluten in it?

    5. I'll be there in 10 minutes, I'm just gonna hop on the 405.

    6. What's a pothole?

    7. Let's just cross the street wherever.

    8. I'm really hoping to date someone who lives in Orange County.

    9. Make sure that you invite me to all your improv shows.

    10. I want to make our engagement photos unique, so let's take them in front of all those light posts outside of LACMA.

    11. I'm so excited Obama is in town. I hope his route runs through my neighborhood!

    12. We can all drive separately, there'll be plenty of parking.

    13. Stop introducing me to all your friends with connections.

    14. Shit, where did I put my star map?

    15. I really want Taco Bell.

    16. Oh, you could never in a million years help me professionally? That's OK, let's spend an hour talking to each other at this party, anyway!

    17. I've honestly never needed to own a car.

    18. The best time to go to the beach is definitely Memorial Day weekend.

    19. I'm just making a quick run to Costco.

    20. Highway.

    21. Don't take Fountain Ave.

    22. I think what makes the East side special is that there are barely any dedicated left turn lanes.

    23. We can avoid the crowds if we go to The Grove on Christmas Eve.

    24. Pink's hot dogs are incredibly underrated.

    25. Meh, I'll just walk.

    26. We can get to Vegas in three hours.

    27. Sorry that I'm early, it was raining.

    28. Let's take the bus, it'll be faster.

    29. You know what would be fun to do? Ride a Starline tour bus.

    30. Thank God for street cleaning.

    31. When a blizzard hits the East Coast, I would never dream of making fun of all my friends who live there.

    32. I don't own sunglasses.

    33. No need to wait for award season screeners, let's just go see this movie in theaters.

    34. I went on a great first date to Universal Citywalk.

    35. I'd love to read your script.

    36. Let's do all our shopping at Hollywood and Highland.

    37. This Cardio Barre class is so cheap.

    38. It's pretty easy to park at Runyon.

    39. Man, this beach is so clean.

    40. Craft breweries are gross.

    41. Why would anyone ever bring a dog to restaurant?

    42. You know he's a local because he's wearing a fanny pack.

    43. I have no interest in farmer's markets.

    44. This drink was only $3 dollars.

    45. Does anyone want a ride to LAX at 3 p.m. on a Friday?


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