The 14 Worst Things About Having ADHD

Besides the not being able to pay attention part.

1. 1. No one believes that you have ADHD.

Even after an ADHD diagnosis, everybody has a reaaaallly hard time not thinking of you as just lazy and irresponsible.

2. 2. Or worse: they don’t believe ADHD exists at all.

Always gettin’ these forwards from Uncle Not-A-Doctor.

3. 3. You worry that everyone thinks you’re in it for the drugs.

4. 4. Without medication, doing something like this:

5. Can feel more like this:

6. 5. When you’re in a group like this:

7. It can feel like this:

8. 6. It’s impossible to stay on task.

9. 7. Finishing a book can be a nightmare.

10. 8. Your room looks like a post-apocalyptic city.

Except you feel like the kid who can’t keep their room clean AND the parent who is mad about it.

11. 9. You’re too scattered to be on time, even for things you WANT to go to.

12. 10. Plus, you’re forgetful.

13. You’re so forgetful that you will get ready to take your pill, zone out for a second, and then FORGET WHETHER OR NOT YOU’VE TAKEN YOUR PILL.

14. 11. Adderall shortages mean that filling your prescription can take forever.

15. 12. And if you get a pharmacist you don’t know, they may give you a lot of attitude.


16. 13. But mostly, you’re worried that everyone sees you like this:

17. 14. Which means you spend way too much time like this:

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