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44 Signs That You Should Wear A Crop Top


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1. It's hot outside.

2. You found a cute one at the store.

3. There is a sale on crop tops at the store, many of which are cute.

4. You are broke, but you have a cute T-shirt, and you have been dying to try to knot it up in a little crop top.

5. It goes with your outfit.

6. It's super comfortable.

7. You think shirts are itchy and you honestly would love to limit the contact between your shirt and your skin as much as possible.


8. You kind of like your stomach.

9. You also kind of DON'T like your stomach, but you're open to the possibility of getting to know it a little bit better.

10. You have stomach dimples, and that's fine.

11. You have stretch marks, and that's also fine.

12. You have very defined abs, and that's fine as well.

13. Because you know that no one is judging you nearly as harshly as you are judging yourself.

14. You have an innie.

15. You have an outie.

16. You have some shape of belly button that has been previously undiscovered by humankind.

17. You have no belly button at all, for whatever reason.

18. You have scars.

19. You have a piercing and you've been looking for the opportunity to show it off.

20. You just love tummies and you don't need to apologize for it.


21. You have a slim tummy.

22. You have a chubby tummy.

23. You have a slim tummy that used to be a chubby tummy, and now you have a lot of extra skin.

24. Because someone once told you that you shouldn't wear a crop top, and you enjoy the fine art of putting haters in their place.

25. Because you saw a cool outfit online and you want to try it out.

26. Because you saw a cool outfit in your mind and you want to try it out.

27. Because everyone on your Instagram will love it.

28. Because everyone on your Instagram will hate it but then realize in two years that you are way ahead of your time, and then pretend like they loved it before it was cool.

29. Because you are fucking cool.


30. You know that confidence is priceless and you've got that shit in spades.

31. Because you have the right to feel happy in your skin and clothes.

32. What your parents think doesn't matter.

33. What jerks on the internet think doesn't matter.

34. You're going to engage in some physical activity, and you want to stay cool.

35. You're going to the beach/the park/a music festival, and crop tops are what people like to wear to those.

36. You're skinny, fat, or somewhere in between.

37. You think you're cute.

38. You don't think you're cute, but you're willing to try to embrace your cuteness.

39. You have enough sunscreen to protect your exposed tummy and back.


40. Because you want to take pictures of yourself.

41. Because you are under 30.

42. Because you are over 30.

43. Because, outside of your school or work dress codes, you want to enjoy summer fashions and your life and be happy.

44. Because you think crop tops are cute and you want to wear one.