20 Reasons Why The Internet Is An Underrated Significant Other

The internet is actually way out of your league.

1. The internet will never judge you for being a hypochondriac.

2. It loves all of your kinks.

And encourages you to find new ones.

3. The internet is always willing to go out with you.

4. But it also loves cozy nights in.

Bonus: It will help you pick the movie.

5. It hooks you up with job opportunities.

Because it knows that you sometimes need some help getting noticed for the special person you are!

6. It will not hesitate to drop everything and go online shopping with you.

7. It will love you even when you look your grossest.

8. But if you want to get dressed up, the internet can’t wait to show you off to everybody.

Always encouraging you to take more selfies.

9. It wants to see every single one of your ridiculous vacation pictures.

10. You have tons of cats together and you don’t even have to feed them!

11. The internet helps you find new music without judging you for not having found it yet.

12. It will answer all of your embarrassing questions.

And give you all the credit for knowing.

13. The internet knows you have a history, and it doesn’t care if you’d rather not talk about it.

14. The internet doesn’t get jealous…

15. …Even when you stalk your exes.

You gotta do what you gotta do.

16. And it’s not threatened by your success.

17. It makes jokes, and it’s not afraid to be a cornball.

18. Its jokes can really tickle you.

Sometimes the internet’s puns are right on the bunny.

19. It wants to experience everything with you. Everything.

20. The internet could be with anyone, but it chose YOU.

You lucky thing!

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