19 Reasons Why Kindergarteners Are The Smartest People On Earth

This is why we all peak at the age of 5.

1. They are fearless risk-takers:

2. They are incredibly pragmatic:

3. They have figured out how to game the system:

4. They take time to appreciate the little things in life:

5. They are outside-the-box thinkers:

6. They worry about things that REALLY DO merit worry:

7. They don’t wallow in self doubt like adults:

8. They already know Jedi mind tricks:

9. They don’t leave out the dirty details even if it gets them in trouble:

10. They are masters of brand identity:

11. They tell it how it is:

12. They’re honest, even when it isn’t convenient:

13. They don’t just keep their crushes to themselves and hope for the best. They go for it:

14. They are colorblind:

15. They have swagger for days:

16. They accept themselves for who they are:

17. They’re naturally resourceful:

18. They are truly dedicated to their causes:

19. They don’t wait for things to become problems. They tackle stuff HEAD ON:

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