22 Kids Who Are Way Better At Life Than You

You should have never grown up.

1. They know exactly where they are going in life:

2. They have good taste in food:

3. They know how to behave in a crisis:

4. They call it like it is:

5. They reach for the stars:

6. They are amazing artists:

7. But they plan ahead for any trouble they might encounter:

8. They are excellent problem solvers:

9. They appreciate the little things:

10. And are very good with names:

11. They keep it simple:

12. They give excellent advice:

13. They are much better at math than you are:

14. But they do not have time for any of your crap:

15. They’re also much more realistic:

16. They have exceptionally high moral standards:

17. They speak truth to power:

18. They have confidence for days:

19. And they feel very deep sympathy for the less fortunate:

“Because they can’t eat pizza with pepuroni. It is sad.” TRUTH.

20. And they understand what is most important in life:

21. They are the masters at nailing it:

22. And they are wise beyond their years:

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