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The 23 Most Midwestern Things To Ever Happen

One bacon sausage, please.

1. This oh-so-cleverly hidden cell phone tower:


2. This mid-spring weather surprise:


You're HILARIOUS, weather.

3. This admirable dedication to alcohol:


4. This Bloody Mary:

5. This total time suck:


6. This camo wedding attire:

7. This crazy generous tip on a Steak 'n Shake bill:

NBC / Via

We are a very nice, fat people.

8. These summer sausages in the shape of Miller beers:

9. This guy skiing down the street:


10. This polite refusal to use the word "soda":

11. This riding mower parked at a convenience store:

12. This bacon sausage:

13. This friendly support in the form of food after the Boston Marathon bombings:


14. This Ugg bridal boot:

15. This back tattoo:


16. This helpful signage:

17. This thong:

18. This exasperated reminder:


19. This sandwich that wants for you to both stuff yourself stupid and share with others:

20. This multitasking gentleman taking his riding mower through the ATM:

21. This St. Patrick's Day keg delivery to a bar:


22. This sorry excuse for a spring day:

23. This gas station with all the essentials:

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