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    The 23 Most Genius Things To Ever Happen At A McDonald's

    Because McDonald's is host to some of the greatest minds in human history.

    1. When these people figured out a way around the "no pedestrians in the drive-thru lane" rule:


    2. When this person lived the dream of sitting in a child's high chair as an adult:


    3. When this guy took a truck full of propane tanks through the drive-thru:


    4. When this person made their own Happy Meal toy:

    5. When this customer got his change back:


    6. When this comment card made a gentle suggestion:

    7. When this dad Instagrammed his kid crying over a spilled milkshake:

    8. When McDonald's definitely understood the size of person using the bathroom at a McDonald's:

    9. This beautiful new name a cashier has given himself:


    10. The naming of this ladder:

    11. This sandwich that thinks outside the bun:

    12. This couple who is living out their dreams:

    13. When this Canadian McDonald's figured out what Canandian children really want to play with.


    14. This incredibly appreciated field trip:

    15. This expert cheese application:

    16. This use of underwear:


    17. This fulfillment of the promise to add hickory smoked bacon TO ANYTHING:

    18. This manager's brave stand against Mclovin':


    19. This masked man's fulfillment of his job description:

    20. This gentleman who can afford his own desktop computer but remembered that the Wifi at McDonald's is free:


    21. This very efficient use of a McDonald's parking space:

    22. This brilliant solution to a public health issue:


    23. And when this nearby Burger King stepped its trolling game up to a whole new level:

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