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    22 Reasons Why Lazy Students Are Top Of Their Class

    "Great at time management," your teacher once told your mom.

    1. You always look forward to studying.

    2. You have a flawless GPA to maintain.

    3. You're super punctual.

    4. And always turn everything in on time.

    5. Your essays are always well thought out and researched.

    6. You're a perfectionist through and through.

    7. "Great at time management," your teacher once told your mom.

    8. And you're the fastest in your class.

    9. You're such a good problem solver.

    10. Just truly on top of your shit.

    11. Good Will Hunting was based off of your life.

    12. You're definitely going to graduate early.

    13. You're the first person to raise their hand.

    14. You always ask the tough questions.

    15. Mandatory page minimums never stress you out.

    16. You're the OG Renaissance man.

    17. Such a multitasker.

    18. You never have to worry about getting extra credit.

    19. And you love to do your homework.

    20. You choose classes you're passionate about.

    21. You never freak out when your report card comes.

    22. And you never, ever give up.