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    Posted on Oct 21, 2017

    We Wore The Silliest Sexy Halloween Costumes We Could Find To Prove That You Can Make Anything Sexy If You Want

    Here is the inside story behind Ladylike's silliest day so far at the office.

    OK, we all know sexy Halloween costumes have been a thing for a second. So we here at Ladylike wanted to take it a step further, and wear the silliest sexy Halloween costumes money can buy:

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    Here's the thing: I (Kristin!) have always felt that sexy Halloween costumes are great, but RIDICULOUS sexy Halloween costumes are just THE BEST.,,

    Sexy Minion? Sounds good. Sexy Smurf? Even better. Sexy Mario? Mario was arguably already sexy but sure let's expand on an already successful concept because there are no bad ideas here.

    Anyway, this is why I decided to use the last of our production budget for the month to make this video.

    I wanted us all to try silly, sexy Halloween costumes, but with a catch: Everyone would pick sexy Halloween costumes for each other, and to keep it a surprise until the day we shot this vid.


    Well, I (Kristin) knew what most of them were because this is my video and I had to order them all BUT everyone else didn't know.


    Y'all better be drumming.

    Devin picked sexy Joan of Arc for me.

    Which was probably the tamest of the costumes, despite the fact that it was very glittery and I am pretty sure God hadn't invented glitter at this point in history.

    Chantel picked sexy Pikachu for Freddie.


    Of course on the website, it isn't called sexy Pikachu, it's called "Collectable Anime Cutie" because the second best part of silly sexy Halloween costumes is that they all have to use vague and ridiculous names that don't use an actual trademark.

    I picked sexy Cat in the Hat for Devin which was hardcore the best costume of the four, I actually don't even care if you think I'm biased.


    I think we laughed for like a literal minute before I had to get it the fuck together because we only had like an hour left to shoot this whole thing and I was wasting too much time making noises with my face.

    Freddie picked sexy pizza for Chantel, because it's a silly sexy Halloween costume ~classic~., BuzzFeed

    I actually insisted very loudly that someone should pick this one, because it's the only sexy Halloween costume I have ever seen where it looks like it almost intentionally has lopsided nipples, and I appreciate that.

    Chantel and Fred tried theirs on and they were not amused.


    Granted, Pizza is already pretty sexy, so this is a redundant costume.

    Also, poor Fred. She is already naturally ~as bright as the sun~, so also making her wear the sun's color was a little excessive.

    Devin and I tried ours on and we were having a GREAT TIME.


    At least I was having a great time. It's very possibly I was the only one having a great time.


    We started our day at the office, but we had some immediate hiccups: My costume was too long for me, so I ended up having to tie the middle panel of my skirt into a knot, which further exposed the leg slits:


    Chantel's costume had a crust collar that wilted basically immediately, so we figured we should try stuffing it with a soda can.


    Love 2 stuff crust.

    Fred really wanted a milkshake during lunch, and got catcalled on the way to milkshake place, because everything is terrible.



    Poor Devin could barely pee on her own and also the tightness of the costume created, uh, other problems:


    My desk is next to Devin's so this was actually a benefit?

    Fred had the additional problem of having furry leg warmers that went with her costume, that basically acted like horrible little brooms attached to her feet.


    They were also very hot and slid down a lot. Freddie was a trooper today. I know that someday she will probably exact her vengeance on me, and i will deserve it.

    We also discovered that if you dream it and you believe it, you can make anything sexy. AND WE ARE BIG DREAMERS AND BELIEVERS.


    So, I think basically everybody was ready to take the costumes off at the end of the day (OK SORRY EVERYONE SORRY) but the important thing is that now we have ridiculous pictures forever and memories are priceless.


    My friends are great sports and a lot of fun and you should give them all a hand.