For Everyone Who Is Terrible With Names

Because embarrassing yourself is just a daily part of life.

1. For everyone who has ever forgotten someone’s name immediately after meeting them:


2. For everyone who tried to use a handy name memory trick…


3. …that backfired horribly:


5. For everyone who has had to awkwardly describe a person in order to figure out their name:

6. For everyone who could remember what a name looked like, but not how it was pronounced:


8. For everyone who needed to quickly figure out what to call someone, and panicked:

9. For every person who has had to awkwardly greet someone by saying “Hey… you”:


10. For everyone who can only remember what a name is supposed to sound like:


11. For everyone who has tried to disguise their crappy memory by calling everyone the same thing:

12. For everyone who sometimes forgets the names of family members:


14. For everyone who has tried to stall for time:

15. For everyone who wishes there was an app for figuring out people’s names:

16. For everyone who has ever had to reask someone for their name, and then pretend like they didn’t:




17. For everyone who has ever seriously offended someone for screwing up their name:

19. For everyone who is super confident that they have a name right, and then is utterly wrong:




20. For everyone who accepts that they are sometimes a forgetful, ridiculous person, and that they just need to roll with it:

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