22 Struggles All People At Summer Weddings Understand

Do we really have to do a group picture on the rickety dock?

1. When all of your friends decide to get married during the summer, and you have to choose which ones you can actually afford to go to.

BBC / Via giphy.com

Sorry that I chose food over paying $1,000 to fly somewhere on 4th of July weekend?

2. When everyone’s strapless dresses start to lose the fight against gravity.

The Funny Pictures / Via the-funny-pictures.com

3. When your makeup melts off of your face before any of the pictures.


4. When you have to choose between taking your jacket off and showing everyone your sweat stains, or leaving your jacket on and slowly frying to death.

5. When you realize that the silk dress you’re wearing is going to have pit stains forever.


6. When every last detail is planned perfectly… and then it rains.

Summer means storms, and there is no such thing as taking a rain check on a wedding.

7. When the photographer/drunk uncle/bossy MIL comes up with a poorly thought-out outdoor photo opportunity.

Giphy / Via giphy.com

“Let’s take pictures on this dock/in front of these crashing waves/at the edge of this pool!” — People who never learn

8. When randos think that “outdoor wedding” means “everyone on Earth is invited to participate”:

I got married at my moms lake house on her dock, some guy on a jet ski went past yelling "don't do it!" to my husband. #WeddingFail

— Amanda Turner (@Batmanda24)

9. When there is a crowded line at the bar, and all you want is some WAAAAATTTEEERRR.

Disney / Via giphy.com

10. When the wind decides to show up at the worst possible moment.

11. When everyone has floor-length dresses and spends all day walking around in the grass.

12. When you wear heels, and you forget that the ceremony is going to be out on the lawn.

The mud becomes your own private quicksand.

13. When someone drops their keys/jewelry/wedding rings, and finding them in the grass is WAAAAAY tougher than finding it on the floor.

14. When everyone realizes that the old and beautiful church they are in does not have air conditioning.

15. When you are surrounded by all the beautiful wedding flowers, and you realize that you are allergic.

16. When the “romantic sunset ceremony” means that the sun is at the perfect angle… to slowly bake everyone in the church to death.

Warner Brothers

17. When a beach wedding happens to be on a public beach.

18. When you forget during the reception that booze + heat = a trip to the floor.

19. When you realize that all the hairspray in the world is no match for humidity:

20. When you’re the only person at the whole wedding who is being bitten to death by mosquitos.

Giphy / Via giphy.com

21. Having to choose between dark sunglasses and/or shading your face with the program, and actually getting to see the wedding.

22. When you’ve been at an outdoor wedding and had the time of your life… and then realize you have forgotten sunscreen.

Ow! was held hostage in garden at wedding - no one told me it was an outdoor ceremony! 12- 5 with no shade! #sunburn

— Kate's Twirl (@katestwirl)



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