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    Posted on Jan 29, 2014

    17 Dogs Who Know All About The Friend Zone

    Why won't you let this dog hump your leg? He has not once chewed up your shoes.

    1. This dog has not once peed on your carpet, and yet you refuse to let him hump your leg.

    2. This dog does not understand why you are paying so much attention to the cat. The cat doesn't respect you at all.

    3. This dog does not get why you are petting other people's dogs, when you have a perfectly nice dog already.

    4. This dog just got back from the groomers, but you STILL won't let him sleep in your bed???

    5. This dog thinks you only take him on walks when you don't want to walk alone.

    6. This black-furred dog thinks you're being really shallow by only cuddling with your pets that have red fur.

    7. This dog thinks you devote all your attention to immature people who use you.

    8. This dog didn't leave your side once while you made that turkey sandwich. He does not understand why he can't get at least a little bite.

    9. This dog doesn't understand why you're leaving the house with that guy. Did that guy sit at your feet all day?

    10. This dog thinks that you could be doing so much better.

    11. Here goes this dog again, bringing you back an object you accidentally threw away. This dog is always doing you favors.

    12. This dog really resents getting this haircut just because you said it would make him look good.

    13. This dog is such a good listener. In fact, he does not say anything back to you, ever. He does not get why you keep going back to talk to that human.

    14. This dog is not doing any more tricks for you until you give him some treats. Fair is fair.

    15. You threw this dog a birthday party, but you wouldn't let him have any of your chocolate cake. You're sending this dog mixed signals.

    16. This dog has needs. Like, he really needs to scratch himself right now, and you won't let him.

    17. Why do you keep leading this dog on?

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