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    14 Crazy Family Traditions That Are Way More Messed Up Than Yours

    This is why we can't have nice holidays.

    The people of Reddit have been asked a few different times what their most insane family traditions are. The people of Reddit need therapy, and possibly new families.

    1. Five-finger Christmas shopping with grandma.

    2. Stalin and Hitler coming down the chimney on Christmas.

    3. The Pubesday Cake.

    4. The wedding receptions with benefits.


    5. Giving crappy presents to your siblings.

    6. Celebrating pain with more pain.


    7. Staining the rest of your clothing red.

    Shutterstock/Alex Katkov

    8. Pouring one out at Yuletide for great-great-great-great grandma.


    9. The grandmotherly love tax.


    10. Celebrating the anniversary of the time your mom stopped having anniversaries.

    Shutterstock/Alex Katkov

    11. The subduing of the sister.


    12. Honoring the memory of fictional characters with theft.


    What does this kid think, that trees just grow on trees?

    13. Giving strangers cream pies.

    14. Taking pictures of the dead.


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