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16 Absurdly Simple Life Hacks That You Can Use Right Now

Like using your body as a makeshift calendar. It's mind-blowing what you can learn in 10 minutes, according to these answers on Quora.

1. If you put your phone in airplane mode, it will charge twice as fast.

2. The little arrow on your gas gauge is there to tell you what side your gas tank is on.

3. Eat Cheetos or Doritos with chopsticks to keep the dust off your fingers.

4. Debone your chicken wings like this: Pull the cartilage at the end off, then work out the small bone...

Then pull out the big bone.

5. Peel a banana by squeezing the bottom and pulling it apart when it cracks.

6. Fold your hoodie into a wearable computer case.

7. Fix a broken zipper by threading a key ring into the tip of the zipper.

8. If your toilet is overflowing and a plunger won't fix it, turn this knob clockwise. It will stop the flow of water.

9. Cure brain freeze by pressing your tongue firmly against the roof of your mouth.

10. Use your knuckles and the spaces between them to calculate how many days each month has.

11. If you rub a walnut on damaged furniture, it will cover up the dings.

12. It's easier to get into a tight parking space by backing into it than by pulling forward into it.

The reason for this is because you have a wider turn radius when you're moving forward.

(Source: Quora)

13. Cut this part off of a milk jug: INSTANT DUSTPAN.

14. Instead of hammering hooks into walls, you can glue a suction cup to a tennis ball, and cut a small part of it open. Instant everything holder!

15. You can use a dustpan to fill a container that won't fit in the sink.

16. Putting your car alarm remote under your chin increases its range.