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    19 Of The Wildest Ways Celebs Decided To Spent Their Hard-Earned Cash

    Apparently, a custom bathtub is the *epitome* of luxury.

    Life in the spotlight often comes with a boatload of cash. How celebrities decide to spend their riches is, of course, purely up to them, which can lead to some, ahem, creative financial decisions.

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    Here are 19 of the wildest purchases celebs have ever made:

    1. In 2011, Victoria Beckham bought a gold-plated iPhone for $33,000.

    Posh Spice
    Dominique Charriau / WireImage / Via Getty

    The phone was handcrafted with 150 grams of 24K gold.

    2. In 2007, Nicolas Cage paid $276,000 for a Tyrannosaurus bataar skull, which he didn't know had been stolen from Mongolia.

    actor who plays Benjamin Franklin Gates in "National Treasure"
    Daniele Venturelli / Via Getty

    However, in 2014, he was contacted by the Department of Homeland Security, who made him aware of the skull's origins, and he agreed to return it to its rightful home in Mongolia. 

    3. In 1989, Kim Basinger pulled a Schitt's Creek and bought the town of Braselton, Georgia for $20 million with plans to transform it into a tourist destination with movie and music studios.

    actor who played Vicki Vale in "Batman"
    Tibrina Hobson / Getty Images

    In 1995, she resold the town for $4.5 million. 

    4. In 2003, Bono accidentally left his trilby hat behind in London, so he payed $1,500 to have it flown to him in Italy.

    U2 singer
    Spencer Platt / Getty Images

    The hat stayed in the cockpit of the plane so that other passengers wouldn't squish it. 

    5. In 2013, Miley Cyrus bought a Range Rover for her dogs to ride in because they were "banned" from her other cars.

    "Malibu" singer
    Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images for The Recording Academy

    They were free to leave hair and scratches all over the car's interior.

    6. In 2011, Amanda Seyfried bought a taxidermic miniature horse named Antoine.

    Abc / ABC via Getty Images

    She told the Daily Express, "I love good taxidermy, it's like art."

    7. Mike Tyson once bought a $2 million 24K gold bathtub as a gift for his then-wife Robin Givens.

    pro boxer and model
    Anthony Barboza / Getty Images

    Billionaire Derwood Hodgegrass purchased the tub for $1.2 million in 2013.

    8. In 2007, Nicolas Cage bought the LaLaurie Mansion — the most haunted house in America.

    New Orleans house
    Steven Wagner / Flickr Vision / Via Getty

    He told Vanity Fair, "[I figured] it would be a good place in which to write the great American horror novel. I didn’t get too far with the novel."

    9. In 2010, Katy Perry bought her then-fiancé Russell Brand a $200,000 ticket to space.

    "Firework" singer and comedian
    Michael Buckner / WireImage / Via Getty

    She later bought a second ticket for herself. Their shared love of all things extraterrestrial inspired her "E.T." music video.

    10. Oprah owns a marble and onyx bathtub that's molded to the shape of her body.

    talk show host
    Rachel Luna / Getty Images

    On The Late Late Show, she said that a cast was made of her body so that the artisans could mold the tub.

    11. When Jennifer Aniston told Courteney Cox she wanted to take up biking, Courteney gifted her Friends costar a $12,000 Chanel bicycle.

    actors who played Monica and Rachel on "Friends"
    Steve Granitz / WireImage / Via Getty

    They've been close friends since their days as Rachel and Monica.

    12. In 2011, Justin Bieber bought a Cadillac CTS-V and had it transformed into a custom Batmobile worth approximately $250,000.

    13. When Kim Kardashian and Kanye West closed on their Bel Air mansion in 2013, they furnished it with four gold-plated toilets for $750,000.

    reality star and "Gold Digger" rapper
    Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

    Their golden thrones were inspired by Louis XIV.

    14. In 2006, Nicolas Cage took a trip to Germany that inspired him to purchase the 500-year-old Neidstein Castle.

    28-room historic castle in the forrest
    Timm Schamberger / DDP/AFP via Getty Images

    At one time, he wanted to ship a real castle to LA so he could live in it.

    15. In 2015, Tyrese Gibson bought a private island for his 8-year-old daughter.

    actor who plays Roman Pearce in "Fast And Furious"
    Rachel Luna / Getty Images

    They called it Love Island.

    16. Paris Hilton commissioned a $325,000 doghouse that's modeled after the mansion she lives in.

    a smaller version of her Los Angeles villa
    ITV / Via

    The structure features a mezzanine level, a chandelier, and a closet.

    17. In 1997, Nicolas Cage spent $150,000 on a copy of the first Superman comic, which was stolen in 2000 and then found in an abandoned storage unit in 2011.

    the cover of Action Comics Number 1
    Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    He sold it for a record $2.1 million.

    18. In 2011, Justin Bieber spent $5,000 on a custom-made gold grill for a Halloween costume.

    "Baby" singer
    Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

    Designer Ben Baller said, "I don’t even make grills anymore unless it's for someone really special. And obviously, this is someone special."

    19. And finally, in 2017, Justin Bieber bought a second custom gold grill — in rose gold this time — for $15,000.

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