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    16 Times "90 Day Fiancé" Was Actually Surprisingly Wholesome

    It's not all drama all the time.

    90 Day Fiancé is often one of the internet's favorite sources of messy drama and reaction GIFs.

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    The TLC reality show is known for cakes thrown in faces...

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    ...mayonnaise used as hair gel...

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    ...and plenty of messy breakups.

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    However, as an avid fan of the show and its many spin-offs, I've also noticed more than a few super wholesome moments along the way.

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    Here are 17 of the sweetest moments from 90 Day Fiancé.

    1. When Michael's kids prepared a well-researched brunch for Julianna, their new stepmother from Brazil.

    Ma x and Cece serve avocados because they read they were popular in Brazil.
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    Max and Cece also made her a pizza with her named spelled out in gummy worms.

    2. When Armando's sister apologized for the hostile way she treated him the first time he came out to her.

    Deborah says she loves him and asks for forgiveness
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    Since he hadn't yet told anyone he was moving in with his boyfriend Kenny in two weeks, Armando decided to finally try coming out to his family again. When he told Deborah how much her words had hurt him years ago, she accepted him and apologized.

    3. When Jonathan's mom and sister went dress shopping with his fiancé Fernanda because she didn't have any family of her own nearby.

    Jon's mom says since Fernanda is now part of their family, she should be there to support her
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    Fernanda's family was still in Mexico, so she was relieved to have other people to share such a momentous occasion with her.

    4. When, after a long day of work, Steven stayed up late making a special at-home date night dinner for Olga.

    Olgais surprised to see what Steven made
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    During an episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined, Steven vlogged his experience working as a delivery driver while Olga stayed home to take care of their son. At the end of the day, he wanted to make sure she felt appreciated too.

    5. When Noon encouraged Kyle to go back to Minnesota and visit his estranged mother.

    Kyle says Noon gave him the courage to reconnect with his mom
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    Because Noon was so close with her family in Thailand, she wanted the same thing for her fiancé. He said that hugging his mom again was "long overdue."

    6. When Deavan's mom FaceTimed Jihoon and his parents in South Korea so they could watch the birth of Deavan and Jihoon's son In the US.

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    Elicia also wore a GoPro on her head so that she could film the birth on TLC's behalf.

    7. When Tiffany let her 8-year-old son have a say in her decision move to South Africa.

    Daniel says he doesn't feel comfortable in South Africa yet
    TLC / Via Hulu

    Even though she wanted to be with her fiancé Ronald, Tiffany didn't dismiss the concerns Daniel had.

    8. When Robert's son ran straight into his new stepmom's arms the first time they met in person.

    Anny picks up Bryce and says, "Who's my baby?"
    TLC / Via Hulu

    While waiting at the airport, Bryce could hardly contain his excitement, running around his dad singing, "Where is Anny?"

    9. When Jon surprised Rachel by video chatting her family into their wedding.

    Jon's sisterholds up the phone at the wedding
    TLC / Via Hulu

    Since none of Rachel's family could make it to England, he surprised her by having his sister hold up a phone so her dad could watch the wedding live.

    10. When Tania surprised Syngin with a banner in Times Sqaure.

    Tania holds a banner that says "Thank you for moving halfway around the world for me"
    TLC / Via Hulu

    After arriving from South Africa, Syngin was excited to see New York City for the first time. So, to make it even more special, Tania led him blindfolded through Times Square while her friends helped her pull off the grand reveal.

    11. When Erika helped Stephanie overcome a few of her "top 10 greatest fears" so they could go shark cage diving together.

    Erika comforts Stephanie in the diving cage
    TLC / Via Hulu

    Before their adventure, Stephanie confided in Erika that she was afraid of both boats and the open ocean. However, later on, Stephanie said that she was willing to "go to the ends of the earth" for Erika because she felt like they were soulmates.

    12. When Stacey got emotional while helping her twin sister through a breakup.

    Stacey tells Darcey that's she'll find love one day
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    Having watched Darcey go through two major breakups over the course of the show, Stacey made sure she didn't feel alone. She reminded her that she would always have her back.

    13. When Alexei's family was nothing but supportive after his partner Loren told them about her Tourette's syndrome.

    Alexei's dad reminds Loren that the whole family loves her however she is
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    Loren was so nervous to tell them that she was shaking, but she was relieved when his parents assured her that she had nothing to worry about.

    14. When Tarik planned to find Hazel an apartment immediately after she told him she didn't have anywhere to stay.

    Tarik says they're going to find an apartment tonight
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    Even though he was flying out the next day, Tarik didn't want to leave the Philippines without knowing she would be safe and taken care of.

    15. When Erika's dad's response to her coming out was, "Do you want some more fried rice?"

    Erika starts laughing
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    She was nervous to introduce Stephanie to her parents as her girlfriend, but her dad's nonchalant response instantly put everyone at ease.

    16. And finally, when Jihoon held his son for the first time.

    Jihoon holds both his son and his stepdaughter
    TLC / Via Hulu

    Jihoon wasn't able to travel to the US for Taeyang's birth, so the first time they met, he wasn't able to put his excitement into words. He also made sure his new stepdaughter felt included.