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Here's What 19 Olympic Athletes Do As Their Day Jobs

Talk about time management skills!

Competing in the Olympics is a dream come true for any athlete. What's even more amazing is how many of these sports superstars are actually balancing a whole other career alongside their Olympic training.

Here's what 19 current and former Olympic athletes do as their day jobs:

1. American basketball player and two-time gold medalist Angel McCoughtry is a former ice cream shop owner and current Head of Culture at Players TV.

Angel makes a basket effortlessly

2. Irish judoka Ben Fletcher is a horticulturist.

Ben poses in his new Irish team uniform

3. Singaporean rower Aisyah Rafaee was a student development officer at a polytechnic institute, and she's currently a grad student at Springfield College.

Aisyah rows to the finish line

4. French windsurfer and bronze medalist Pierre Le Coq is a dentist.

5. Australian shooter Paul Adams is a registered nurse.

Paul poses for his official team portrait

6. Japanese canoe slalom competitor Kazuki Yazawa is a Buddhist priest.

Kazuki rows to success

7. Canadian marathon runner Lanni Marchant is a criminal defense attorney in the US.

Lanni runs in Rio

8. Japanese hockey player Ami Nakamura works as a shop assistant at the Yokohama Anpanman Children's Museum.

Ami skates towards the puck

9. Irish badminton player Scott Evans is a fashion entrepreneur who works with his partner, Camilla Hosbjerg, the founder of Denmark-based clothing brand Hosbjerg.

Scott hits the birdie

10. Colombian rugby player Nathalie Marchino was a sales account manager for Twitter during her first Olympics, and now she works with Figma.

Nathalie protects the ball from a player on the rival team

11. Zimbabwean archer Gavin Sutherland is a builder.

Gavin stretching

12. Spanish karate champ Paula Rodriguez is a military firefighter.

Paula strikes a fierce pose

13. American marathon runner Jared Ward is a math professor at Brigham Young University.

Jared wears an American flag around his shoulders after qualifying for the Rio Games

14. Portuguese trampoline gymnast Ana Rente is a doctor.

Ana flips on the trampoline

15. American bobsledder Christopher Fogt is an army officer.

Chris speaks at a press conference ahead of the 2018 games

16. Canadian pistol shooter Lynda Kiejko is a civil engineer at the power transmission company Altalink.

Lynda aims her pistol

17. American figure skater Polina Edmunds, who competed in the 2014 Sochi Olympics, is now a podcast host and social media marketing professional.

Polina does a leap

18. British curler Thomas Muirhead is a sheep farmer.

Thomas casts a stone

19. And finally, British curler Glen Muirhead is also a sheep farmer who works and competes alongside his brother Thomas.

Glen models his Team GB jacket