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    Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Are Rewriting The Rules On Couples' Fashion, And These 19 Pictures Prove It

    Get you a man who'll dye his tongue to match your outfit.

    Oftentimes, when you see celeb couples together, they both look great but they seem to have dressed for two totally different occasions.

    Shawn Mendes has a sleeveless denim shirt, and Camila Cabello has a toga dress

    That's why I love whenever Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are photographed together. Their ensembles are always coordinated and *stunning*.

    They're a binary star of fashion sense

    I would say their bold looks are basically rewriting the rules on couples fashion in Hollywood, so here are 19 pictures that support my hypothesis:

    1. MGK's mile-long nails completed the sleek look they sported at the 2021 iHeartRadio Music Awards:

    MGK has a pale, smooth jack and pants in the same fabric as Megan's satin jumpsuit

    2. These matching leather outfits they wore while shopping are the antithesis of Britney and Justin's all-denim ensembles:

    Coordinating biker outfits

    3. Of course, we can't forget when MGK literally dyed his tongue black to match their fits at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards:

    He wears a classic suit with no shirt, and she has a bodysuit with prominent cutouts

    4. They entered their Red (Taylor's Version) era while out and about in New York:

    His ladybug sweatshirt and her snakeskin pantsuit

    5. These extravagant ensembles transformed them into your new favorite villain power couple in the "Bloody Valentine" music video:

    Megan, in a short black, fuzzy outfit and high heels, and MGK in black pants and white-and-black striped suit, sitting across from each other at a long table

    6. They looked like absolute rock 'n' roll royalty at Barstool 500:

    She has a black crop top and jeans, and he has shiny pants and a black tank

    7. C'mon, they were basically made to wear monochrome sweatsuits:

    8. They served Exhibit B at Disneyland, complete with Minnie ears:

    they wore his and hers sweatsuits and mouse ears

    9. Her lil' pink purse tied their outfits together as they left a restaurant hand in hand:

    His outfit is covered in graffiti, and hers is classic but edgy

    10. They walked straight out of Edgar Allan Poe's imagination and into Soho House:

    He has a long, slick coat, and she has a pastel coat that looks like a Victorian dress

    11. This sparkly secret agent look was both classy and COVID-conscious:

    He's wearing all black, and she has a dark coat over a crop top and jeans

    12. I mean, black is definitely their color:

    13. Her casual "I'm with the band" look complemented the acid wash set he wore for a show in LA's Venice Beach:

    She's wearing another crop top and jeans, while he has geometric-patterned acid wash denim

    14. They were chic and cozy at the UFC 260 event in Las Vegas:

    She's wearing a blanket-looking coat, and he has a low-neckline sweater, both in neutral tones

    15. Megan totally aced her MGK impression in the "Bloody Valentine" music video:

    Megan at the microphone, with fishnet tights and holding a pink guitar, and MGK standing next to her with his ankles, knees, and wrists tied up with pink tape

    16. The jackets they wore to dinner at Nobu scream "superheroes undercover" to me:

    She has a long, bold, red cloak, and he has a Cleveland jacket

    17. The combination of MGK's galaxy suit and Megan's classic little black dress rivaled the stars during this LA night:

    His suit is the colors of the night sky, and her dress is timeless

    18. I'm obsessed with these coordinating cutouts they wore to the 2020 American Music Award:

    Megan wears a two-piece with a triangular neckline, and MGK has a low neckline

    19. And finally, I, too, want to chill at home in a matchy-matchy athleisure set now: