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    22 *Chef's Kiss* Posts About How Badly Andrew Garfield Deserves "The Amazing Spider-Man 3"

    Sony, give the people what they want!

    I truly believe that you can't rank the three actors who've played Spider-Man, but if there's one thing most of us can agree on, it's that Andrew Garfield's version deserved a better send-off.

    Peter perches on top of a bridge as a storm brews

    However, his story ended abruptly after the ultra-depressing ending of The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

    Peter finds Gwen's body

    In Spider-Man: No Way Home, Andrew returned to the role for the first time since 2014, and now, basically everybody is realizing how badly we were robbed.

    Here are 22 posts about how much Andrew Garfield deserves The Amazing Spider-Man 3:

    1. This dream scenario:

    thinking about how we might wake up to a THR headline one day that says… “Sony Moving Forward With Amazing Spider-Man 3, Andrew Garfield Returning”

    @BrandonDavisBD / Via Twitter: @BrandonDavisBD

    2. We're united in our love for Peter 3:

    The amount of joy I have to see people showing love for Andrew Garfield’s #SpiderMan and demanding #MakeTASM3 is through the roof🙏🏻 let’s make it happen somehow!

    @3CFilmss / Sony / Via Twitter: @3CFilmss

    3. The fans are putting in the work:

    TASM fans seeing #MakeTASM3 trending everywhere:

    @ComicCapital1 / Sony / Via Twitter: @ComicCapital1

    4. His influence:

    andrew garfield has the whole world in a chokehold rn

    @91WILSONS / Via Twitter: @91WILSONS

    5. Wake up, people:

    couple months ago i saw "andrew garfield's spiderman is the worst spiderman" and now im seeing "give him a third movie" yall been sleeping on him

    @andrewgarfshit / Via Twitter: @andrewgarfshit

    6. I support this theory:

    I may be reaching, but Andrew's Spider-Man saying he wants to fight an alien and being called Peter 3, and Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock without a spider-man yet.. I've connected the dots

    7. Yes, please:

    let Andrew Garfield be the Spider-Man of the Sonyverse

    @qLxke_ / Via Twitter: @qLxke_

    8. Imagine the possibilities:

    people really wanting the amazing spider-man 3 to happen now after watching nwh is making me so happy because andrew deserves that so so much

    9. Hire this person to write the script:

    tasm 3 but instead of an action movie it’s a romcom where peter fails at dating but eventually finds his MJ, aka Michael Jordan

    10. The perfect idea for a secret scene:

    magine andrew getting a third Spider-Man movie where they introduce Miles Morales

    11. PREACH:

    it’s time to give andrew garfield the long overdue amazing spider-man 3 film that he deserves

    @infamousmargot / Sony / Via Twitter: @infamousmargot

    12. Literally take my money:


    @TheFirstOkiro / Sony / Via Twitter: @TheFirstOkiro

    13. Petition for somebody to start a petition for TASM3:

    I do agree that Andrew garfield needs a third amazing spider-man film

    @SpiderMan3news / Via Twitter: @SpiderMan3news

    14. Now THIS is a brilliant idea:

    TASM 3 and Spider-Man 4 trending lets go. Sony plz make Andrew Garfield #TASM3 and Tobey Maguire #SpiderMan4. We love them more after #SpiderManNoWayHome

    @DaniyalKamran50 / Via Twitter: @DaniyalKamran50

    15. Basically everyone rn:

    Okay so Amazing Spider-Man 3 when???

    @EvanFilarca / Via Twitter: @EvanFilarca

    16. I mean, this is basically a confirmation:

    after a few days of pondering I bet my ass that Andrew's Spidey is somehow returning and most likely alongside Sony Venom and that line About how he never fought aliens

    17. At this point, I might as well add Kevin Feige's name to my bank account:

    Ok but this is literally the perfect time for sony to make TASM 3, the hype for andrew spidey is through the roof rn and he looked genuinely happy to be back in the role, my boy said he wants to fight aliens, let him fight aliens

    18. He deserves the Sonyverse and then some:

    I love you Andrew Garfield, You deserve to finish your trilogy #MakeTASM3 #TheAmazingSpiderMan3

    @kayrahdz / Marvel Studios / Via Twitter: @kayrahdz

    19. I hope that, in the words of Lizzo, all the rumors are true:

    The streets are saying that Andrew Garfield is coming back ♥️😭 #MakeTASM3

    @Itssan17 / Sony / Via Twitter: @Itssan17

    20. They'll study these movies in film history one day:

    Alright it’s time we all accept that both The Amazing Spider Man movies are top tier Cinema. And they deserve a proper conclusion #MakeTASM3

    @Itssan17 / Sony / Via Twitter: @Itssan17

    21. We just want to see him find happiness again:

    Give my childhood hero a 3rd Film. Please 🙏🏽 #TheAmazingSpiderMan3

    @RealJoness / Marvel Studios / Via Twitter: @RealJoness

    22. In conclusion:

    I just hope Andrew Garfield sees the tweets saying how much everyone loved him as spiderman

    @moonsfoot_ / Via Twitter: @moonsfoot_