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People Are Sharing The Hilarious (And Creative) Ways They’ve Decorated With That Viral Giant Skeleton

This massive skeleton is the best part of Halloween!

Recently, I asked members of the BuzzFeed Community who purchased the viral 12-foot skeleton from Home Depot to show me how they're decorating with it this year. Their pictures absolutely did not disappoint.

Here are 11 hilarious pictures of the viral 12-foot skeletons on display for Halloween 2023:


A skeleton riding a unicycle on the grass


A wrestling ring with skeletons inside and in the audience set up in front of a house


Two skeletons wearing "Pumpkin" and "Spice" T-shirts and holding large coffee cups in front of a house


A skeleton in front of a building with a fanny pack and wearing a skirt, and holding what looks like a tennis racket, with other skeletons behind it


A house at night with dramatic lights along with skeletons, a large spider, and pumpkin head in the front yard


Two skeletons in a yard wearing traditional attire, including hats, with a Catrina painting at the top of steps in the center


Two skeletons in front of a house at night with gravestones in the grass


A skeleton with lit eyes holding Christmas lights that are also on a window at night


Two skeletons in front of a house holding  bags


A skeleton at the entrance to a "carnival," with signs, at night


A skeleton in front of a house with a "Do your homework" sign hanging off it

And as a bonus, here's a picture of the giant skeleton's new friend, 13-foot Jack Skellington:

A skeleton in a pin-striped suit in front of a house at night with a "Trick or Treat" message reflecting on the house

Are you decorating with a giant skeleton of your own this Halloween? Drop a picture in the comments!