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The Hottest Halloween Decoration This Year Is A 12-Foot Skeleton From Home Depot, And I'd Expect Nothing Less From 2020 At This Point

I need one. NOW.

Spooky season is officially upon us, and you know what that means! Time to decorate our homes with all the creepy-crawly things we can find because...

And, well, this year’s hottest must-have decoration is a 12-foot skeleton that Home Depot is selling for about $300. That’s right, 12 feet!!! For 300 buckaroonies!!!

It's...pretty massive.

And a little hard to assemble, it looks like!

But still, people are buying this bad boy in droves!

The face of someone about to have the best Halloween ever:

Like seriously, they're loving it.

And hey, I get it! Not to be dramatic, but at this point in 2020, I would die for this big ol' hunk of bones! And I'm not the only one:

the Home Depot giant skeleton is the only good thing to collectively happen to us this year. I love him.

cannot stop thinking abt the giant skeleton at home depot and the 12 ft void I have in my life without him

girls don’t want boys, girls want the giant 12 ft tall skeleton from Home Depot

just got paid someone talk me down from buying the giant $300 Home Depot skeleton

Why my neighbors already have a giant skeleton in their front yard in september

the only silver lining to this shitfest that is 2020 is that I’m seeing multiple people go “YOU KNOW WHAT? FUCK IT. 12 FOOT TALL SKELETON FROM HOME DEPOT. I BOUGHT IT” and I admire that energy.

i will marry whomever lets me have the 12 foot tall home depot skeleton

Home Depot has NO business selling this 12 ft skeleton for $300. And my yard has NO business keeping it out there. I want it.

i want to live inside the giant home depot skeleton

girls don't want a boyfriend, they want the 12 ft. Giant-Sized Skeleton with LifeEyes from Home Depot

Every day I pull up the 12 foot Home Depot Skeleton to see if its in stock near me and I have to convince myself to stop.

The sexual tension between my bank account and the 12’ tall Home Depot skeleton

Where did this thing come from and why did Home Depot think we needed it? Who cares?!? 2020's been bad enough and I think we all deserve to have a 12-foot skeleton in our yards this year, as a treat.

The skeleton is currently sold out at Home Depot, but be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a restock! I'm sure your neighbors will thank you. Stay spooky, friends!