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    23 Jokes That Will Make All Moms Laugh Their Asses Off

    "I'm kind of a big my kids."

    1. When your kid knows you a little too well.

    2. When you don't know why you bother buying anything but character shirts for your kid.

    3. When you are okay with "sounding just like your mother."

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    4. When you try to make the best of the situation.

    5. When you're a little too excited for school to start.

    6. When you know your kid better than they know themselves.

    7. When you remember how clever you are.

    8. When you are at least documenting their lives somewhere.

    9. When this is your idea of an amazing lunch break.

    10. When you really know your kids' bathroom schedule.

    11. When money is no object for everyone but yourself.

    12. When...hey, at least you tried.

    13. When even your house needs a break from the kids.

    14. When your kids use selective memory to work in their favor.

    15. When you just care too much.

    16. When you attempt to make everything fair.

    17. When you're certain your kids are scheming against you.

    18. When you give a little humble brag.

    19. When you recognize a good thing when you have it.

    20. When you can't believe how fast time goes.

    21. When you can tell your kids are taking after you.

    22. When shopping for literally anything is your worst nightmare.

    23. And when you know your most important audience.

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