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12 Traumatic Moments You'll Only Know If You've Ever Had To Get A Crown On Your Tooth

Let's all agree that temporary crowns are the worst.

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1. Hearing the dentist drill down your actual tooth.


2. Realizing your tooth is now a nub.

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3. Heavily breathing through your nose during your tooth impression so you don't swallow any of that goop.

thedailyrobot / Via

4. Realizing your temporary crown is pretty much just a clay tooth.

erickfails / Via

5. Having to make a trip to the store to get denture cream after it falls off a few days later.

seamlesslytango / Via

6. Accidentally cracking the temporary crown.

johnnarock / Via

7. Finding out you have to pay extra if you don't want a silver one.

oh_mister_wilsooonnn / Via

8. Getting frustrated because it takes so long for your real crown to be made in the lab.


9. Realizing your new crown doesn't quite match your other teeth as well as you hoped.

fircosmetics / Via

10. Noticing it's rough where they had to file the crown down to match your bite.


11. Looking at your X-Ray and seeing how clearly fake your tooth looks with a crown.

basilakwan / Via

12. And praying that your permanent crown doesn't fall out in a few years after it's cemented on.


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