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    19 Secret Little Thoughts We All Have On The First Day Of School

    "Did we just get homework on the first day?"

    1. Lying in bed overthinking everything:

    2. Getting to school and trying to find your friends:

    walking into school on the first day texting your friends like "where y'all at ?!?" #firstdayofschoolthoughts

    3. The anticipation before walking into your classroom:

    4. Looking around the room at your peers:

    5. Reminiscing on your summer:

    6. Sitting in class, feeling all alone:

    7. Praying for the best:

    8. Facing this dreadful moment:

    9. And dwelling on your response a little too much:

    10. Being perplexed during this moment:

    11. Realizing what your texts are going to consist of:

    12. Taking a bite of your lunch:

    13. Hearing this after the bell rings and you're about to get up:

    14. Trying to figure out where all those pencils go:

    15. Getting upset about the rules:

    16. Realizing you have to move from the back seat you snagged:

    17. And realizing this year is going to be rough:

    18. But at least you have this to look forward to:

    19. As well as that one really cool teacher: