14 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Neat But Messy

    *stuffs everything in closet*

    1. Your place looks super clean because everything is stuffed in the closet or under the bed.

    2. You are always, always, ALWAYS cleaning out your purse....

    3. ...Or your car.

    4. You try to do things neatly but they often end up causing a huge mess anyways.

    5. You organize your drawers a lot but they always get messy again.

    6. And sometimes it still looks messy even when it is organized.

    7. When you let your clothes pile up, you have to stop and say to yourself:

    8. You always end up using more napkins than anyone else.

    9. Your notes pretty much only make sense to you.

    10. And you always have tons of tabs open.

    11. You make really neat things, but are super messy while making them.

    12. You often get food on your clothes when you eat, but you are always prepared to immediately clean it off.

    13. Sometimes your stuff looks messy to other people, but you know exactly where everything is.

    14. And while you can stand a little mess, you definitely can't stand it when things are dirty.