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    19 Things That Make All Moms Raised In The '90s Say "Yup"

    Except Surge.

    1. You're kind of sad your child will never get to experience the magical taste of Dunkaroos.

    There's a knock-off version being sold on Amazon, but judging by the reviews it's not the same.

    2. You kid will never know what "we'll solve any crime by dinnertime" means.


    "I am the cute one. She's just my sister."

    3. Your kid will probably never want to bleach their tips.



    4. Your child won't want to wear butterfly clips.


    Or care to know who Lizzie McGuire is.

    5. Your kid will never wear pipe-leg bellbottoms...



    6. Your kid's dollhouse will never be complete without these mini white tables.

    7. Your kid doesn't even understand how cool Beanie Babies used to be.

    8. Your kid won't have to wait to go online.

    Or have to wait until you get off the phone to go online.

    9. Your kid doesn't have to stress about their Giga Pet dying while they're at school.

    Instagram: @kayliacassandra

    They will only have to worry about what Pokémon they didn't catch.

    10. Your kids' lives won't be impacted by these two shows.

    TBS / Via Disney

    Choosing between Zack Morris or Corey Matthews was so hard.

    11. Two things here: Your child will never take selfies with an actual camera or wear puka shells.

    Instagram: @keithj0nes

    We'll let that popped collar slide.

    12. Your kid will never truly know the struggle of having to talk to their crush on the phone.


    Or having to ask their crush's parents if they are home.

    13. Your kid probably won't wear jellies.

    Instagram: @indaroo13


    14. Your kid won't get to play Hot Shots Basketball.

    Milton Bradley

    Unless you want to buy it for the low price of $499.99.

    15. And they won't get to experience a Game Boy.

    Instagram: @mikethug5

    Look, it's the world's first iPad.

    16. Your kid won't understand that before Justin Bieber, there was JTT.

    Buena Vista Television

    Be still, my heart.

    17. Your kid will never own one of these.

    Instagram: @red_dog_design

    Or understand the struggle of trying to fit this in your pocket.

    18. You will never get to challenge your kid to a game of pogs.

    Oh well. Did anyone ever get the point of this game anyways?

    19. But the one thing you will never escape is this nightmare:


    They're the "two best friends that anyone could have..."

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