These 9 Parents Have Perfectly Mastered Co-Parenting And My Heart Is Bursting

    "My mom said that although her marriage to my dad didn't work out, I was the best thing to come from it."

    1. This mom who is so grateful her ex found a partner who loves her daughter so much, she bought them matching scrubs:

    2. This mom who made her daughter this necklace:

    3. This family who made matching shirts to show their daughter their support:

    4. This sweet dad who bought groceries for his child's mother even though the two are not together:

    5. This divorced couple who continues to take photos with their kid every year:

    6. This mom who wrote this heartfelt tribute to her ex, the father of her son:

    7. This mom and stepmom who always put their daughter first:

    8. These parents' divorce selfie that shows divorce doesn't have to be a sad thing:

    9. This mom who is grateful for her ex (the father of her child):