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    15 Fall Pregnancy Ideas That Are Simply Brilliant

    Let the heat be gone!

    1. Feeling nauseous? Well, sucking candies can help! Stock up before and after Halloween (when candy is half price).

    2. If you can't get comfy on the couch (or in front of the fireplace), try snuggling up with a memory foam wedge pillow.

    It has with a soft side and a firm side for adjustable comfort. Amazon sells these for $22.92.

    3. And while you are snuggled indoors, indulge in some pumpkin-flavored white hot chocolate for maximum relaxation before the baby arrives.

    4. Need to de-stress and unwind? Try doing some pregnancy meditation outdoors in the cool weather before it gets too chilly.

    5. If you don't want to buy a ~new fall wardrobe~ keep your same pants and simply use a hair tie or rubber band as an expander for your jeans.

    mrsninawk / Via

    Loop the hair tie through the buttonhole and hook it onto the button. You can use this hack as a zipper extender, too.

    6. Or make your own belly band to cover up jeans that you can no longer button. It will also add length to your tops.

    bumphacks / Via

    Follow this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess to make your own.

    7. Visit a pumpkin patch with your loved one and take it all in before you have to lug a stroller and a diaper bag around.

    8. If you're experiencing swollen pregnancy feet, soak them in tonic water.

    Cold or room-temperature tonic water reduces swelling in feet and ankles. The quinine reduces inflammation and the bubbles soothe sore feet.

    9. Want to do something special with your bump on Halloween? Dress it up with some clever costume ideas.

    Here are five last-minute baby bump costumes if you run out of time!

    10. If you are struggling with morning sickness, make electrolyte solution freezie pops to help prevent nausea during the day.

    mommytipster / Via

    They will taste good and soothe your throat as well.

    11. And, since it is apple picking season, try drinking some apple cider vinegar to help reduce heartburn.

    from__fat2fit / Via

    The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar actually has several health benefits.

    12. Don't worry about investing in new maternity bras. Instead, buy "bra-back extenders" and wear the bras you already own.

    The extenders add that extra room you need around your chest and are about a fourth of the price of buying a maternity bra.

    13. If your bump is weighing you down, use an ice pack strap to help hold it up.

    taylorlynntalks / Via

    You can put it under your shirt and no one will even know!

    14. And if you are still getting back pain, alleviate it with an exercise ball.

    oliviaispregnant / Via

    The exercise ball helps take pressure off your lower back and pelvis.

    15. Finally, utilize that bump as a table for your snacks.

    afisher412 / Via

    Happy pregnancy in the fall y'all!

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