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    I Did A Lot Of Research To Make This Adult Gift Guide, So I Hope It Is Helpful To You In Some Way

    No gift cards this year!

    Every year around the holidays I struggle to find the perfect gifts for friends, family members, and that highly-anticipated white elephant gift exchange. IT STRESSES ME OUT!

    Also, like, I'm an adult (unfortunately). I understand that most people I buy for do not need crap like mugs and hot chocolate mix, sorry not sorry. Adults want something practical that they will actually use or something meaningful to them. End of story.

    So, without further ado, here are the best gifts I found...

    1. Some wine condoms that'll be both funny and useful.

    2. Get some reusable, silicone stretch lids that'll keep your food fresh without having to waste foil or cling wrap.

    3. A tabletop record player that features bluetooth speakers is perfect for the ~modern~ oldies fan in your life.

    4. Gift a game streaming package where people participate through their phones.

    5. This giant blanket hoodie is perfect for the "Netflix and chill" person in your life (or that person who is just always cold).

    6. Gift a water bottle that instantly creates ionized antioxidant mineral alkaline water with electrolytes.

    7. A personalized blanket is perfect for parents, grandparents, or in-laws.

    8. Wrap some smell good things for a ~clean~ home.

    9. Get a portable, wifi Smartspot that can be paired with multiple devices for people who work and travel.

    10. A Glister mini flat iron or mini curling iron and travel case is perfect for the person who is always on the go.

    11. The latest Roku model comes with a pair of JBL headphones, so it's like gifting two things in one, lol.

    12. A hemp muscle rub is great for any person who struggles with muscle pain.

    13. And, if there's someone with chronic pain in your life, CBD is a wonderful pain-relieving agent.

    14. Pajamas are another cozy staple that everyone loves.

    15. Gift some nice pans to the passionate cooker in your life.

    16. Styling products for men is a safe bet for the ~perfectly groomed~ dude you know.

    17. A fingerprint lock for a locker or tool shed is a good idea for ease of use (and people who are bad about forgetting number codes lol).

    18. Gift a very practical and very necessary portable device charger that already has the cords you need attached.

    19. Your partner will likely enjoy getting the "softest underwear in the world."

    20. And since we are on the topic of underwear, GOOD POSTPARTUM UNDERWEAR is crucial for anyone giving birth soon!

    21. If you don't want to give your pregnant friend undies, well then, I'm pretty sure they would appreciate these tennis shoes that you don't have to bend over to put on.

    22. Get a professional-grade blender for the person who can't live without their smoothies.

    23. Lastly, I recommend this cordless, compact vacuum that can virtually be taken anywhere.

    I hope this gift guide helped you in some way. Happy Holidays!