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    I Did A Lot Of Research To Make This Adult Gift Guide, So I Hope It Is Helpful To You In Some Way

    No gift cards this year!

    Every year around the holidays I struggle to find the perfect gifts for friends, family members, and that highly-anticipated white elephant gift exchange. IT STRESSES ME OUT!

    New Line Cinema

    Also, like, I'm an adult (unfortunately). I understand that most people I buy for do not need crap like mugs and hot chocolate mix, sorry not sorry. Adults want something practical that they will actually use or something meaningful to them. End of story.


    One more thing: I don't like to go overboard on spending, but I also want to get the people I love something nice. And I want to get them something they want – which is why I normally opt for gift cards. Everyone loves a gift card...except for the fact that they're not personal – or fun to open. So, this year, I decided I was going to put a little more effort into my presents.

    So, without further ado, here are the best gifts I found...


    1. Some wine condoms that'll be both funny and useful.

    I love these because they're funny – and you can gift them with a bottle of wine. Easy peasy. Basically the "condom" vacuum seals your opened bottle of wine, so it's fresh the next time you want some. I tried these rubbers out, and, yes, they work. I even tipped the bottle upside down and there was no leakage.

    Get it from Amazon for $17.97 (available in a set of six).

    2. Get some reusable, silicone stretch lids that'll keep your food fresh without having to waste foil or cling wrap.

    The lids are eco-friendly, they fit over virtually any shape/size dish, and they are microwave and dishwasher safe. Basically, you can reuse them so you don't have to put foil or plastic wrap over your leftovers.

    Get them on Amazon for $13.99 (available in a 12-piece variety-size set).

    3. A tabletop record player that features bluetooth speakers is perfect for the ~modern~ oldies fan in your life.

    I love that the Crosley x Fossil record player has a vintage look, but is also equipped with bluetooth speakers. I also like that it's portable and lightweight.

    Get it from Crosley for $89.95.

    Crosley also sells a vintage-looking portable bluetooth speaker. Get it for $129.95.

    4. Gift a game streaming package where people participate through their phones.

    OK, at first it sounded weird to me, too, but it actually makes sense. You enter a code into your TV or computer and you get a "party pack" of games to play – and the best part is, you don't have to store a board game anywhere! If you play a trivia round, each person enters their answers through their phones. It's very handy and a lot of fun.

    Get it from Jackbox for $24.99.

    5. This giant blanket hoodie is perfect for the "Netflix and chill" person in your life (or that person who is just always cold).

    It's like the Snuggie, but better. The Comfy is like your own personal sherpa blanket. Plus, it looks fun to wear.

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99.

    6. Gift a water bottle that instantly creates ionized antioxidant mineral alkaline water with electrolytes.

    So, IMO, this is a great gift for literally anyone because they can fill their water bottle up anywhere and not worry about the quality of water they're drinking. All you do is place the alkaline device in the bottle and it increases the water's pH levels up to 9.5, reduces Oxidative Reduction Potential (ORP) by roughly 300 points, and removes heavy metals.

    Get it from GoFiltr for $68. (Comes with a bottle and two cartridges.)

    7. A personalized blanket is perfect for parents, grandparents, or in-laws.

    This has been a gift my mom and my mother-in-law have loved for years. They both still display the blankets on their couches. And, I am fairly confident that they cherish the blankets because it has their grandkids on it. The best part is that literally all I had to do was upload a picture, pick out a saying, and Shutterfly made the blanket – which came with good quality material. I've also made Shutterfly books in the past which also make great keepsakes – but, obviously, those require a lot more work.

    Get it from Shutterfly for $89.99.

    8. Wrap some smell good things for a ~clean~ home.

    I can't lie, I'm not a fan of gifting candles, body spray, etc. because it's hard to determine someone's taste in smells. However, this fresh laundry spray has literally transformed my home. I spray it on my couch and sometimes my bed because it smells literally like fresh laundry and gives a fresh smell to my entire home.

    Get Clean Space by Clean Beauty Collective for $25.

    9. Get a portable, wifi Smartspot that can be paired with multiple devices for people who work and travel.

    This is the perfect all-in-one gift for the tech savvy person in your life. It doubles as a charger for phones, a camera, and certain models offer smart features. You can buy one or learn more about how the Smartspot works on Skyroam's website.

    Get it from Skyroam for $179.99.

    10. A Glister mini flat iron or mini curling iron and travel case is perfect for the person who is always on the go.

    This gift is perfect for friends who always look good when they travel! I actually have a Glister hairdryer, so I can personally vouch for the brand. They also have a lot of fun colors available.

    Get the curling iron from Glister for $45 or the straightener for $45.

    11. The latest Roku model comes with a pair of JBL headphones, so it's like gifting two things in one, lol.

    Get it on Amazon for $83.69.

    Also, if the person you're buying for is really into their entertainment, Roku has a SmartSound bar to enhance your listening experience. Get it from Amazon for $179.99.

    12. A hemp muscle rub is great for any person who struggles with muscle pain.

    Quanta has great reviews on Amazon, and their muscle rub contains premium hemp extract with a blend of all natural inflammation relieving ingredients, like organic beeswax, menthol crystals, arnica Montana oil, turmeric oil, and essential oils.

    Get it on Amazon for $44.84 on Amazon.

    13. And, if there's someone with chronic pain in your life, CBD is a wonderful pain-relieving agent.

    Many people in my family use CBD products, including myself. My favorite brand is Medterra because they offer a really strong one and it works. End of story.

    Get it from Medterra for $34.99.

    Kuida is also a skincare line that specializes in CBD facial products if that interests you as well.

    14. Pajamas are another cozy staple that everyone loves.

    Nordstrom sells a brand called Room Service that I can personally attest to. It is super soft and it comes as a matching set. I love lounging in these PJs and would love them as a gift.

    Get it from Nordstrom for $68.

    15. Gift some nice pans to the passionate cooker in your life.

    The HexClad brand is on Oprah's favorite things of 2019 this year. The tri-ply constructed pan has an aluminum core for even heat distribution, is PFOA free and scratch resistant, and features a non-stick inside and outside. It's also safe to use in the oven.

    Get it on Amazon for $148. The entire cookware set runs $449.99.

    16. Styling products for men is a safe bet for the ~perfectly groomed~ dude you know.

    There's lots of different styling products available for men, but this brand won awards from big names like Men's Health and GQ, so it has to be good.

    Get it from Fellow for $25 on the Fellow website.

    17. A fingerprint lock for a locker or tool shed is a good idea for ease of use (and people who are bad about forgetting number codes lol).

    Apparently, the Tapplock fingerprint sensor unlocks the lock in under 0.8 seconds. It also has an "adaptive algorithm" that allows the lock to become faster and more accurate each time it is opened. It seems like a good gift idea for a busy parent.

    Get it from Tapplockfor $99.

    18. Gift a very practical and very necessary portable device charger that already has the cords you need attached.

    The myCharge brand actually plugs into the wall for easy recharging, and I love the fact that you can charge an iPad on it and you don't have to hook up any chargers (that is, if you have Apple products).

    You it from Amazon for $78.80.

    19. Your partner will likely enjoy getting the "softest underwear in the world."

    These undies not only feel good, but they are good for your ~personal parts~ and the environment. b.WR is an organic, eco-friendly bamboo cotton undergarment line that dedicates a portion of all sales to non-profit sexual health and education organizations.

    Get a thong or boxer set from b.WR for $30.

    20. And since we are on the topic of underwear, GOOD POSTPARTUM UNDERWEAR is crucial for anyone giving birth soon!

    I never had these when I gave birth (and let's not get started on the disposable, mesh hospital undies), but if I had, they would have been a game changer. The Nyssa brand features a pocket for an ice or heating pack, is super stretchable, and just looks really comfy.

    Get it from Nyssa for $32.

    I'm also a big fan of Llama Momma's "Mommy Bag" for moms, which includes a changing table and is just plain cute.

    Get the large bag from Amazon for $129.99 and the clutch is $39.99.

    21. If you don't want to give your pregnant friend undies, well then, I'm pretty sure they would appreciate these tennis shoes that you don't have to bend over to put on.

    They make several different styles, so these are also ideal for men and women who have trouble bending over. Basically, the back half pushes down, allowing the individual to put them on without even having to reach down.

    Get a pair from Zeba for $129.99.

    22. Get a professional-grade blender for the person who can't live without their smoothies.

    Vitamix is one of the leading brands in blenders and a blender is a safe gift that you know will get used.

    Get it from Amazon for $269.95. Vitamix also has several other models available for purchase on Amazon.

    23. Lastly, I recommend this cordless, compact vacuum that can virtually be taken anywhere.

    True story: My husband and I purchased a more expensive, well-known brand and it doesn't work as well as we thought for the price. The Tineco brand is nearly half the price and works so much better, plus it comes with more ad ons and a longer battery life.

    Get it from Amazon for $249.

    I hope this gift guide helped you in some way. Happy Holidays!


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