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The Rock Posted His Recent 1 A.M. "Cheat Meal" And People Have Questions

"That's a diet meal! Right?!"

You know Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson — actor, producer, semiretired pro wrestler. Anyways, he's insanely talented and insanely muscular.

WWE / SuperSport

He's also a dad to three girls. I share this pic for two important reasons: a) his muscles and b) his caption (scroll down).

So, food. The Rock eats a lot of it. We've even attempted to try one of his entire "cheat days" which consists of 12,550 calories. (We failed.)

But look at him — a MACHINE like that needs a lot of fuel, OK?!

therock / Via Instagram: @therock

Recently — on Sundays — The Rock has been sharing his "cheat meal." Like, a plate full of chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter.

therock / Via Instagram: @therock

Or a massive stack of pancakes with syrup, peanut butter, and Ali Wong.

therock / Via Instagram: @therock

This past Sunday he shared his 1 a.m. "cheat meal": a boatload of sushi.

therock / Via Instagram: @therock

"1 a.m. and the cheat meal sushi train rolls along like an unstoppable force..."

And "scumbag" asked what all of us were thinking.

I mean, it's possible he has an on-call chef that just whips up decadent sushi at the drop of a hat...


...or maybe there's a secret, late-night sushi delivery spot only the celebs know about.

All I know is the only sushi I've ever seen at 1 a.m. was prepackaged from the day before at a grocery store.

Some people had other questions, though. Like, what is the price tag on that much sushi???


Others legitimately thought ALL sushi was healthy. Which, TBH, I tell myself that too.

TV Land

I am sorry I don't have the answers. All I have are some more glorious pics of his past "cheat meals" shared on Instagram.

therock / Via Instagram: @therock

But one thing I can tell you is the man sure loves sushi and pancakes.

therock / Via Instagram: @therock



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