15 Beauty Hacks From TikTok That Are Total Game Changers

    Gotta love those TikTok tips and tricks.

    1. Follow these steps to get your makeup to stay on longer without creasing:

    2. Use a ring light video from YouTube if you don't own one but need good lighting for a photo:

    3. Put on a base sunscreen of SPF 30, then put SPF 90 on all the spots where you would put highlighter for a naturally contoured face:

    4. Make a dark tinted lipstick into a nude shade by putting concealer on your lips beforehand:

    5. Use the tie of a robe to create curls with no heat:

    6. Use beard dye to fill in bald spots on your scalp or make your hair look thicker:

    7. Follow this woman's steps for a super cute ponytail:

    8. And follow these steps to get a Bella Hadid makeup look:

    9. Clean off the wand from an expensive mascara brush and use it in a cheaper mascara bottle for the same results:

    10. Mix lip balm with your favorite eyeshadow for a new lip color:


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    11. Watch this woman's trick for creating a more voluptuous ponytail:

    12. Use this hack to effortlessly put your hair in a ponytail:

    13. When you get to the end of your chapstick, there's still a decent amount of product left, so scoop it out and use it:

    14. Use this guy's unique hack for taking your bun to the next level:

    15. And, if you don't like using a razor, use this Magic Shaving Powder for silky smooth legs:

    What other beauty hacks do you love?!