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This ~Magical Powder~ Supposedly Removes Your Leg Hair Without A Razor, So I Tried It And Was In Awe

Here is what happened.

Hi, I'm Krista and I have no shame in admitting that I'm a little obsessed with TikTok. It is not just dancing videos, it is also filled with tons of useful information! Here's footage of me every night opening the app:

Well, recently, I've been seeing lots of videos of people using this Magic Shaving Powder to remove their leg hair without a razor — just like Nair, but supposedly it works way better.

So, as a woman who chooses to shave her legs, I decided to test it out to see what the hype was about:

NOTE: I shave my legs because I like the smooth feeling! Don't ever let anyone make you feel like you have to shave any part of your body that you don't want to. Hair is natural and beautiful!

Here is a before photo of my prickly leg hair for reference:

First, you mix the powder with water until it creates a paste, and then you apply it directly to your skin. I decided to start by testing out the lower half of one leg.

The directions say to let it sit on your skin for five minutes, but I left it on for ten. It didn't feel like anything or hurt, it just had a strong, cologne-like fragrance. Here's what it looked like when it was dry:

Next, you take warm water and a towel and rub it off. (I would recommend doing this in the bathtub because it's a little messy. White flakes were falling down like snow!)

At first, I didn't really think it was working, so I was little disappointed. But, as I kept rubbing, I was in shock because it started removing all the hair.

I loved it so much, I decided to do the rest of my legs. After the powder paste is rubbed off thoroughly, it leaves this super silky, shiny finish. THEY WERE SO SMOOTH!

So, overall, I would definitely recommend this product for your legs! The only downfall is that it can be a little messy. But hey, it is way cheaper than buying and replacing razors all the time!

And that's enough of my legs for today. BYE!